A Love Sonnet For Billie Holiday brings Wadada Leo Smith, Jack DeJohnette and Vijay Iyer together for the first time in this meeting of creative giants. Smith first met and played with DeJohnette in the late 1960s and the two have collaborated with increasing frequency since DeJohnette participated in the first recording of Smith´s Golden Quartet more than two decades ago. Smith´s and Iyer´s first collaboration also goes back almost two decades. This recording marks the first time these three unique artists have participated in the same project and the first time DeJohnette and Iyer have played together.

01 Billie Holiday: A Love Sonnet 11:52 / 02 Deep Time No.1 09:20 I 03 The A.D. Opera: A Long Vision with Imagination, Creativity and Fire, a dance opera (For Anthony Davis) 18:11 I 04 Song for World Forgiveness 13:50 I 05 Rocket  04:29 is // Total playing time 57:42

Wadada Leo Smith trumpet
Vijay Iyer piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B-3 and electronics
Jack DeJohnette drums and percussion

"Deep Time No. 1" includes an excerpt from the "By Any Means Necessary" speech by Malcolm X

International Release

November 19, 2021

Wadada Leo Smith, Jack DeJohnette & Vijay Iyer
TUM CD 060

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