THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE of the totality of the Celestial-Mystic-Spiritual-Scientific musician is to initiate an intradynamical thrusting force on the various particles that comprise Earth´s conscious cosmic mysteries that interact with the human biological system. The frequency dynamics of these particles should be compliant with the cosmic energies that impinge on the tympanic membrane-cerebral-heart connection. Through our given sensory receptors and biological transducers, it is possible and permissible to creatively decipher the concealed and hidden energies within and beyond the universe to activate the innovative-creative process to go BEYOND CONSCIOUS UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE.



Understanding the unique rhythmic thrust and fractured sonic patterns of
Milford Graves´s tribal matrix is like trying to synchronize raindrops.
Time is lapsed, accelerated and finally erased.
Time is that which ends.
Upon entering the zone

An unearthing of natural elements. A de/syncopated ride through dense, dark imaginary landscapes of the unknown. An electroacoustic transformation of sound layers across pitch and rhythm space. Up above a rising and falling away of themes and lines emerging like recurring thoughts from dreams that have gradually drifted away from their initial place of origin - fragments of supernatural anthems long lost in the ether, now floating freely in the nagual.
Build a time machine, set it on fire.
For my part, I was probably subconsciously channeling recent experiences in Africa
or childhood memories of sound and silence, long open spaces and endless distance.
An unknown point of departure with no designated distination.

Bill Laswell


A kind gesture. A wink of the eye. A loving touch upon a child´s head. We write these songs …
without any words. These melodies … these harmonies they inspire us to move on … to go forward.
The soft touch of some warm … and comforting love staring down our loneliness,
and then the madness. and then THE HOPE.

Eyes open in the womb. The struggle arrives to turn darkness into light.
Dangling on the wings of the phoenix.

COUNTERPOINT- I have felt the power and sadness of lulling and stroking dark alleys
and dangerous streets to sleep. I have worshipped at the base of the flames. I have ridden the
high secrets of the wind.
The voice of defiance becomes my strongest voice.

With grace, the tenderness of a smile healed me … cleansed me … of my indifference
to the holy scriptures that should have told us something about being children of God …
In all of this madness against all …
these odds of being too intense and too delicate to be
real ... RUN... RUN... RUN... to the birth, to the growth, to the experience of harmony.
So wise and peaceful. Desires to go back to the beginning, to be good to yourself …
and others are searching too!

Sort it out, call up your demons. Call up your jinns. Let them go ... Let them run …
side by side with angels. The light side and the dark side trying to find some change …
in the depths. Let the moment take you to the edge … and then, stop! … and look down …
and look up … and look back … and smile … and be patient.


UMAR BIN HASSAN (The Last Poets) 

Siirry sivun alkuun