Published: June 23, 2015

An unlikely duo, yet-somehow-also the perfect duo, electric bassist Bill Laswell and multi-percussionist Milford Graves generate all sorts of musical fire on Space -Time: Redemption. Once again, TUM Records' lush packaging includes numerous photos, copious liner notes, and some uncannily prescient poetry by longtime Laswell associate Umar Bin Hassan. One of the photos shows Graves adjusting his well-worn, hand-painted, single-headed drum kit as Laswell warms up in front of a small stack of amps with a dozen-plus effects pedals, loopers, and other electronic gadgets at his feet. A musical odd couple, perhaps, these guys are two of the deepest musical thinkers (and doers) of their time. Their collaboration, also documented on the digital-only release, The Stone (M.O.D. Communications, 2014), though lacking somewhat in timbral variety, is nothing less than fascinating.

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