Penguin Beguine (Ulf Krokfors) derives its name from the composition´s swaying accompaniment by bass and drums. The mental image is that of a group of busy penguins scurrying around.

At Night, Cat Walking (Iro Haarla) tries to capture the mysterious thoughts and plans in the mind of a cat creeping alone in the still of the night - as its master. Dedicated to Suri.

Frosty Night (Iro Haarla) describes the transformation - the shock - that occurs in the nature when the freezing cold of the night begins to set in with only the bright light of the moon to offer consolation…

Bells (Ulf Krokfors) is a fanfare-like melody that brings to mind a convoy out to accomplish a mission. It is a static composition that is not even intended to reach into any higher spheres.

Samoaja (Ulf Krokfors) is a science fiction tune. Think Isaac Asimov. Think about the prehistory of planet Alpha 3.

Farewell Song (Ulf Krokfors) was originally composed and performed with a more contemporary feel but somehow this more traditional approach seems to fit the composition better. Drummer Reino Laine brings the feeling of true jazz into this particular performance.

Voice Behind the Wall (Ulf Krokfors) is based upon a simple theme that leads to a free form ballad. The sound of Iro Haarla´s harp gives the composition an ethereal feel thereby adding to the contemplative atmosphere of the music.

Crimcum Cramcum (Iro Haarla) is simply a strange, funny composition - nothing more and nothing less.

Beside You (Iro Haarla) is a love song from one person to another. The lyrics say it all.

Beside you

My heart is your heart,
Your heart is my heart.
If you go, so I will go...
to the unknown world,
which is endless.

The Journey we´re making,
will mark the rest of our lives.
When you are strong, I will be strong
and the struggles will be easy.

But there can be range of rocks,
gloomy days with fog,
tears can blur our eyes.
But only heart with full of love,
blessing of God...
We know this, always -
it´s written in the stars...

My love with your love,
it´s a treasure, which I´ll save in my heart.
When our time has gone under firmament,
we´ll fly to our star…

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