TUM Records uses works of Finnish artists as cover art for its releases in order to visually distinguish them. The paintings used in the releases by TUM Records were chosen in collaboration with the artist himself.

Juhani Linnovaara (b. 1934) is one of the most internationally renowned Finnish artists and has been at the forefront of modern art in Finland since the 1960s. His paintings and sculptures have been widely exhibited both in Finland and internationally, starting with the Paris Biennial in 1969 and the Venice Biennial in 1970.

Professor Linnovaara´s works are included in the collections of many important museums and public collections around the world and he has received a number of awards over the years, including the International Jury´s Price at the Paris Biennial in 1969. He was also named as the Artist of the Year at the Helsinki Festival in 1978 and awarded an honorary professorship by the Finnish State in recognition of his distinguished career.

Professor Linnovaara has always steered clear of being a committed follower of any "ism" in order to retain his ability to move freely across the entire field of art. He lives in Porvoo, Finland, and continues to actively create and exhibit new works.

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