Recorded on
April 24 and 25, 2006 by Markku Veijonsuo at SoundTeam Godzinsky Studio, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Mixed by
Markku Veijonsuo at Varistoteles Studios, Vantaa, Finland
Mastered by
Henrik Otto Donner and Esa Santonen at DER, Tammisaari, Finland
Produced by
Raoul Björkenheim and Petri Haussila
Design by
Juha Lökström / ozo
Photographs by
Maarit Kytöharju (live pictures at Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland, on April 23, 2006), Pirjetta Brander (Juhani Aaltonen, Raoul Björkenheim and Iro Haarla at the back room of Tavastia Club) and by Petri Haussila (group picture taken in connection with the recording session).
Cover painting photographed by
Juha Lökström

Special thanks to the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Georg Malmsten Foundation for grants supporting Raoul Björkenheim´s compositional work and to the Finnish Music Promotion Center (ESEK) and the Foundation of Finnish Music (LUSES) for supporting this recording.

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