Drive-Thru (Mikko Innanen) was composed on a hot summer day in July 2003 in Sonoma, a small town near San Francisco, California. In other words, it is about a European´s image of driving around in the suburban United States. After Kasper Tranberg´s muted cornet solo, Mikko Innanen is having a rather schizophrenic musical chase with himself on soprano and alto saxophones that is brought to a conclusion by a drum solo by Stefan Pasborg.

Autoabsence (Kasper Tranberg) is a tool for taking care of one´s mental health. It was developed after three weeks on a tour bus in Slovenia and Croatia.

Jazz & Poultry (Mikko Innanen) was composed in 2004 and is based on a 1950s poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (A Coney Island State of Mind: no 9). Because of the poem´s adventurous nature, the musical composition is also full of surprising incidents and abrupt curves.

Välkomna Åter (Mikko Innanen) was originally composed in 2001 but re-arranged for this recording by the composer in 2004. The composition can actually be divided into three parts: 1. 1-2-3-4 Framåt Marsch!, 2. Duo and 3. Välkomna Åter.

Iki (Stefan Pasborg) means "see you" in Lithuanian. So, after playing some concerts in Lithuania in 2002, that word in particular had stuck with Stefan Pasborg while he was composing this little piece! The melody was composed with inspiration from the melodies one hears from small musical boxes (Pasborg added the major 7th to make the composition a bit more Delirious!). The tune continues into a 6/4 ostinato where the two horns are blowing freely on the top - until the tempo dissolves - and gradually goes back to the melody...

The Multi-Cultural Suite (Mikko Innanen) was composed in 2003-2004 and is, obviously, about a cultural blend. Which particular cultures they are may be left for the listener to find out.

Kreutzer Valse (Jonas Westergaard) is a minimalistic version of a minimalistic composition.

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