Evolution Vamp (2002) is a new composition by Henrik Otto Donner that has the performers starting together but never meeting again. The evolution of the journey takes them to different places at different times.

My Next and Only Love (1965) was originally composed by Henrik Otto Donner for the Christian Schwindt - Henrik Otto Donner quintet and recorded in 1965 on the legendary "For Friends and Relatives" album. At that time, the composition, which is dedicated to a love affair gone sour, represented an early example of Finnish modern jazz. Henrik Otto Donner revived the composition for the original "Strings" project. Other than for its rather Mingunesque title, the composition bears no relation to the well-known standard with a very similar name.

Deliverance (2002) is a new composition by Henrik Otto Donner based on the karnatic rhythmic pattern used in Indian music. As the title indicates, the composition requires a strong effort, a deliverance, from the musicians.

Sax Ballad (1966) was originally composed by Henrik Otto Donner on the spot at the 1966 Youth Meeting in Dipoli, Espoo, when word came that Finland´s first lady of that time, Sylvi Kekkonen, was going to attend the event and the organizers requested a composition dedicated to her. In its first performance, the legendary tenor saxophonist Stanley Lindroos was featured as the soloist. Despite its extemporaneous nature, or maybe because of it, the composition has become a stable in Henrik Otto Donner´s repertoire.

Trains & Boats & Planes (2002) is a new composition of Henrik Otto Donner with a title referring to the shifting elements that form its basic building blocks. Although Donner admits to liking Burt Bacharach´s music, the composition bears no relation to the Bacharach tune with the name "Trains and Boats and Planes".

Och tusen, tusen stråla ock… (1976) is a composition by Henrik Otto Donner originally for the "Strings" project in 1976. A ballad often included in Donner´s repertoire, the title of the song paraphrases the lyrics of a familiar Christmas song.

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